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Posted by on May 7th, 2016 SCENE
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Electronica 2: The Heart of Noise

01.The Heart Of Noise Part 1 [04:26]
02.The Heart Of Noise Part 2 [04:10]
03.Brick England [04:01]
04.These Creatures [03:41]
05.As One [03:59]
06.Here For You [03:59]
07.Electrees [04:10]
08.Exit [06:19]
09.What You Want [03:27]
10.Gisele [03:44]
11.Switch On Leon [04:43]
12.Circus [03:09]
13.Why This, Why That And Why? [03:58]
14.The Architect [04:43]
15.Swipe To The Right [04:54]
16.Walking The Mile [04:52]
17.Falling Down [03:23]
18.The Heart Of Noise (The Origin) [02:39


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